General terms & conditions - Azur Plus program

General conditions - Azur Plus programme

1. Definitions & terminology


Unless the context indicates otherwise, the terms below shall have the following meanings in these general conditions:


- Aigle Azur: Aigle Azur Transports Aériens, a FrenchSociété par Actions Simplifiée (a simplified limited liability company) with capital of 11 233 800 €uros entered upon the Commercial and Companies Register of Bobigny, number 309 755 387, address: CS 90001, 91550 PARAY-VIEILLE-POSTE Cedex.

- Azur Plus Corporate: this means an account taken out by a legal entity


- Azur Plus programme (or Programme): a loyalty programme offered by Aigle Azur to frequent flyers.


- Member: this means any physical person who or any legal entity which has applied for membership of the Azur Plus programme and has been accepted by Aigle Azur.


- General Conditions: these general conditions which govern the Azur Plus programme.


- General Conditions of Carriage: this means the General Conditions of Carriage available on the website, which are the conditions applicable to any person who travels with Aigle Azur.


- Mile: this is the unit of calculation for the Azur Plus programme. The Member will have Miles credited to his or her personal account for each regular flight taken on Aigle Azur routes at a rate accepted by the Programme according to the Azur Plus documentation, depending upon the journey made, the booking class and the class of transportation.

-Non-Qualifying Miles: any Miles collected on Aigle Azur flights which grant entitlement to Rewards but do not allow an upgrade to the next membership level.


- Qualifying Miles: these are the Miles collected on Aigle Azur flights. They are used to rise up through the Azur Plus membership levels and to obtain Rewards.


- Reward: this is obtained in exchange for Miles earned by travelling on Aigle Azur routes at rates accepted by the Programme or by using services provided by partners.


- Partners:any airline or service provider which has a binding agreement with Aigle Azur and the use of whose services by members allows these latter to collect Miles.

Azur Plus department: the Aigle Azur department which is in charge of managing the Azur Plus programme.

- Rate Accepted by the Programme:this means all rates, with the exception of group rates, reward tickets, favour tickets and escort tickets.



2. Object:


The Azur Plus programme managed by Aigle Azur is a loyalty programme for air passengers. Its purpose is to credit its Members with Miles based on a pre-established scale and in accordance with the conditions and limitations set out below, according to the flights taken by the Member on Aigle Azur routes or his or her consumption of products from partners.

All Members accept these general conditions and any amendments thereto[YC1] upon joining the Azur Plus programme.



3. Membership

3.1          All registrations must take place on the website.

3.2         The following may take part in the Azur Plus programme: any physical person, with the exception of those persons referred to in article 3.7 of these General Conditions, aged 2 years and over, subject to parental authorisation or authorisation by the legal guardians of minors.

Only one registration per person will be accepted. In the event of any duplicates, only one account will be retained and it will be credited with any Miles which may have been collected on any additional account(s) linked to the Member.

3.3       Participation in the Azur Plus programme is free of charge and effective from the first scheduled flight taken with Aigle Azur.

3.4       Legal entities which have an identification number with the statutory administration bodies in the country in which they have their head offices may join the Azur Plus programme by opening an Azur Plus Corporate account.

An Azur Plus Corporate account may be linked to the personal accounts of the legal entity’s employees.

Once the employees have collected Qualifying or Non-Qualifying Miles, the Associated Azur Plus Corporate account will be credited with a percentage of the Miles earned by the employee, and these Miles may be used by the employees.

An Azur Plus Corporate account may not be linked to an Azur Plus Young Person’s Card account.


3.5       Groups of persons are not allowed to take part in Azur Plus and Azur Plus Corporate.

The employees, executives of any airlines, travel agents, tour operators or any other partners are not eligible for the benefits of the Azur Plus programme.

Escorts used for deportment purposes may not join the Azur Plus programme.


3.6       The Member guarantees the truth and accuracy of all information sent to Aigle Azur, including the particulars given on the registration form, and shall be responsible for any details which are incorrect, incomplete or obsolete.

Any alterations and changes of name or address must be sent in writing to the Azur Plus department, by e-mailing or online on our website.

The Azur Plus department reserves the right to ask for any supporting documents which may be necessary in order to make these changes (e.g. marriage certificate).

3.7       Aigle Azur reserves the right to refuse any membership application which fails to fulfil the conditions for membership of the Azur Plus programme.

3.8       Any person whose membership application, which fulfils the criteria for participation, has been accepted into the Azur Plus programme, will have his or her registration confirmed by the allocation of a Member's number and a personal identification code allowing him or her to access his or her personal information via the website.

3.9       On taking his or her first flight with Aigle Azur at the rate accepted by the Programme, each Member will receive a personal card with his or her name on it.



4. Azur Plus programme membership cards


- Young Person’s Card: Members aged from 2 to 24 will be given a Young Person’s Card, which has only one level and comes with benefits of its own. Once they reach the legal age of majority, Members may apply in writing to the Azur Plus department for a Sky Card.


- Sky Card:This is the entry-level card in the Azur Plus programme. Each Azur Plus programme Member obtains this card immediately, as soon as s/he takes his or her first flights at a rate accepted by the Programme, having taken care to give notice of his or her status as a Member of the Programme when making the booking, purchasing the ticket or boarding.


- Space Card: this is the Programme’s second membership level. A Member obtains this card provided that, between 1st January and 31st December of the same year, s/he has collected 30,000 Qualifying Miles or taken twelve flights in booking classes NXHBYSWFDJC. The benefits pertaining to this card are shown on the Azur Plus website.


- Infinity Card: this is the Programme’s highest membership level. A Member obtains this card provided that, between 1st January and 31st December of the same year, s/he collects 50,000 Qualifying Miles or takes twenty-four flights in booking classes NXHBYSWFDJC. The benefits pertaining to this card can be seen on the Azur Plus website.


- On 31st December of each year, the membership level to which the Member will have access the following year will be determined by the number of Qualifying Miles collected or the number of times s/he has boarded Aigle Azur flights in the NXHBYSWFDJC qualifying classes since 1st January of the same year. The Miles and flights boarded in the qualifying classes during previous years will not be taken into account in the determination of the membership level.

5. Collecting of Miles and conditions


5.1 Upon joining, each Member has a personal account opened by Azur Plus, to which his or her Miles are credited, irrespective of the identity of the person or entity which paid for the tickets, provided that it gave his or her Member’s number when making the booking, purchasing the ticket or registering.


5.2 Miles can be collected exclusively on scheduled flights with Aigle Azur or any airline, or from partners. If any new partners should take part, the Member will be notified of the procedures for collecting Miles.

The collection of Miles may be reduced or excluded for some classes of booking or price categories on Aigle Azur.


5.3 In all other circumstances, Miles may not either be transferred, assigned or sold, or collected together with those on the account of another Member, and may not be converted into cash. As membership is on an individual basis, several persons, such as the members of a single family, may not collect Miles in a single account.


5.4 If the Member is also a member of another loyalty programme in which Aigle Azur or one of its future partners is taking part, the Member’s account may not be credited in two programmes at the same time for a single flight or a single service (unless there is a provision to the contrary of which the Member is informed).


5.5 Although all Miles, including any rewards, are automatically credited to his or her account after each flight, the Member must check his or her account on the website and retain any documents necessary to the adjustment of any Miles.

If, for any reason whatsoever, the Miles should fail to appear in his or her account, the Member must send the Azur Plus department (by e-mail or by post), the electronic ticket along with the original copy of his or her boarding card within six months from making the journey. Once this period of time has elapsed, the Member may not lay claim to any upward adjustment of his or her credit in Miles. This service is now available online on our website.


5.6        Any flights taken no later than one month prior to the validation date of the membership on the website grant entitlement to the obtaining of Miles which will be credited retroactively after the sending to the Azur Plus department (by e-mail or post) of the original copy of the boarding card and the trip summary. This service is now available online on our website.


5.7        Miles earned as part of the Programme are valid for 36 months, with effect from the providing of the service which generates them. Miles acquired during year JJ/MM/NN shall expire on JJ/MM of year N+3.
Member must check the expiry date of his Miles.

5.8 The number of Miles is allocated according to the journey (the distance between the airport from which the flight departs and the one at which it arrives), the booking class and the rate used.


5.9 Azur Plus reserves the right to alter its scale for the collection of Miles without prior notice.


5.10 Azur Plus reserves the right to adjust the account of any Member, debiting any Miles which have been unduly credited, but also reserves the right to allocate credits of additional Miles for the purposes of any one-off promotional campaigns.


5.11 Any unused or refunded tickets, any free tickets and any Reward tickets may not grant entitlement to the crediting of Miles. In the same way, if flights are cancelled for reasons which are beyond the control of Aigle Azur, the Miles shall not be credited to the account.


5.12Certain promotional rates shall not grant entitlement to the collection of Miles and in such cases the lack of entitlement to collect Miles will be stated.


5.13 In the event of an upgrade, the Miles will be credited to the Member on the basis of the price of the ticket paid for and not for the class in which s/he actually took his or her flight.


5.14 Account statements can be supplied to Members in electronic format only. The details contained in these statements are provided for information only, given that it may take a certain amount of time to update them.


6. Use of Miles in the form of air and non-air Rewards


6.1 Azur Plus Rewards consist of free airline tickets (the passenger remains liable for any air taxes and fuel surcharges), upgrades and excess baggage from 2 to 30 kilos and Piece Concept 23 kilos.


6.2 Aigle Azur reserves the right to alter the conditions for the obtaining of any Reward, including the number of Miles required, and to cancel any Reward offer without prior notice and with immediate effect.


6.3 Once the Member has collected enough Miles while the programme remains valid, s/he may request the Reward on our website, by e-mailing or by telephoning 0826 092 021 (€0.15/minute) with his or her Member’s number and personal identification code, specifying the name of the beneficiary for the Reward, in accordance with current procedures for the issuing of Rewards. The Member or traveller remains liable for all of the taxes (airport, fuel surcharge, security, etc.) Furthermore, s/he must have any administrative documents which may be necessary in order to take the flight using the Reward ticket or upgrade, such as a visa, vaccination and insurance certificates and, more generally speaking, s/he must comply with any specific local regulations.


6.4 The application for a Reward must be made at least eight days before the departure date desired by the Member.


6.5 Only the account holder may request a Reward. Either of the parents or the legal guardian of a minor Azur Plus Young Person’s account holder may apply for a Reward on behalf of this latter.


6.6 A beneficiary who is entitled to a special reduction (child, student, elderly person, etc.) shall not be entitled to a reduction in the number of Miles required for the granting of a Reward ticket.


6.7 The Member must state when booking that this is a Reward ticket. Under no circumstances may the booking of a paid ticket be converted into a Reward ticket.


6.8 The Reward ticket or any other Reward may be issued for a third party at the request of the account holder. This request must be confirmed in writing. An exception will be made for the Young Person’s Card for which the Reward ticket or any other Reward may only be issued to the account holder.


6.9 The Member’s account will have the number of Miles corresponding to the requested Reward debited according to the scale which is in force at the date of the request. Depending upon the Reward in question, a ticket or any other similar document is issued and sent to the Member’s physical or electronic address, subject to the effective receipt of any taxes (airport, security, fuel surcharge, etc.) Under no circumstances may Aigle Azur be held liable if the arrival of a Reward should suffer a delay for reasons including an error in the address provided by the Member, loss or destruction in the post or by any other carrier. The Reward may be issued at an Aigle Azur branch upon presentation of the Member's card (or a copy of it), the Member’s identity card (or a copy), the identity card of any person who may come to take possession of the Reward if this is a third party, along with an original attestation signed by the Member authorising the handing over of the Reward to this latter. Aigle Azur may this alter or suspend this procedure at any time.


6.10 Aigle Azur reserves the right to prohibit or limit entitlement to a Reward during specific periods.


6.11The Member can consult the scale of Reward tickets on Aigle Azur: the Low-Miles scale, as defined in the Azur Plus documentation.

Access to the Low-Miles scale depends on the number of seats reserved for the Programme. Aigle Azur and all of the companies which are partners in the Programme shall be the sole judges of the number of seats to be made available for this purpose; no claims by Members can be accepted, even in the case of a flight which is not full. Given that the number of seats reserved for Low-Miles Rewards is limited, we advise Members to book their places as early as possible, stating, in addition to the identification number, that this is a Low-Miles scale Azur Plus Reward ticket.


6.12 The Reward ticket is valid for a period of one (1) year with effect from its date of issue, unless Azur Plus should state otherwise, e.g. in the event of a promotional offer.


6.13 After it has been issued, changes to the date of travel for the Reward ticket will be allowed provided that the ticket or the Programme remains valid, although there may be a charge for changes of this kind. Penalties will be applicable if it is not presented when the passenger boards.


6.14 No changes of itinerary or to the name of the beneficiary of the Reward will be accepted.


6.15 In the event of the cancellation of a Reward ticket, the Miles will be re-credited in full if the cancellation takes place more than eight days before the scheduled departure, 75% between seven and three days before the departure and 50% with effect from two days before the departure.


6.16A Reward ticket may not, under any circumstances, be used for stretcher transportation, for the accompaniment of a child by a hostess, for the obtaining of a baby seat or to gain an additional seat.


6.17 Reward tickets and upgrade Rewards may not be endorsed and may not be used on an airline other than the one whose code is shown on the ticket.


6.18The Upgrade Reward is to be understood as meaning the ability to travel in a class higher than the one which has been duly paid for, on Aigle Azur flights and subject to Azur Plus’s conditions and scales, subject to availability and whether the aircraft is configured with a two or three-class layout.


6.19 The Upgrade Reward can only be obtained upon presentation of a fully paid-up ticket in economy class B, H, Y , according to the various destinations, in the name of the beneficiary of the Reward.


6.20 The Upgrade Reward may not be cancelled, and any Miles debited will not be refunded.


6.21 The excess baggage allowance (from 2 to 30 kilos) and Piece Concept applie only to one-way trips, in addition to the excess allowed in the paid booking class. Only one Reward per flight may be used.


6.22 The excess baggage Reward/Pièce Concept may be cancelled and refunded with conditions / level of cards.


6.23 Once it has been issued, the Reward ticket is non-transferable and indivisible, and any Rewards may not, under any circumstances, be awarded retroactively, having a refund or exchange value, be refunded or exchanged, be transferred, be sold or converted into cash in any form whatsoever, be replaced in the event of loss, theft, destruction or partial use.


6.24 Rewards cannot be combined with one another on a single flight for a single beneficiary.


6.25 For the purposes of non-air Rewards from Azur Plus partners, any Member who has the required number of valid Miles may obtain a Reward chosen from the services supplied by the partners either for him or herself or for any person of his or her choice, subject to abiding by the specific conditions and limitations as set out by the partner in question, and including this partner’s financial reservation guarantee conditions.

The Member will only be able to obtain this Reward if s/he has first collected Miles by using the services of the partner who is supplying the desired Reward.

6.26 This Reward must have been booked in advance with the supplier of the Reward, specifying that this is an Azur Plus Reward.

6.27Any request for an Azur Plus Reward, including those relating to partners, must be sent exclusively to Azur Plus, stating the type of Reward and specifying the name(s) of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. The Member must first ensure that this Reward is available from its supplier.


7. Termination


7.1 Aigle Azur reserves the right to expel any Member who abuses any of the benefits allocated to him or her pursuant to the Azur Plus programme, who provides any false information, who fails to abide by these General Conditions or the General Conditions of Carriage, or who has failed to collect any Miles for 36 consecutive months from the programme. The contract will then be terminated without prior notice. The expelled Member may also have any subsequent membership application refused[1].


7.2 In the event of the Member's death, Aigle Azur shall close the account upon receipt of a death certificate.


7.3 In the event of expulsion, any Miles collected shall no longer have any value.


7.4 In the event of expulsion or the closing of an account pursuant to articles 7.1 and 7.2, any benefits acquired shall be forfeited, and the Member may not lay claim to compensation of any kind whatsoever. The Member’s card must be returned.


7.5Each of the parties may terminate the contract in writing at any time. Any Miles collected by any Member who terminates the contract shall be valid for six months after receipt of the termination request by the Azur Plus department. The same applies when it is Aigle Azur which terminates the contract for any reasons other than those set out in articles 7.1 and 7.2.


7.6These general conditions shall remain applicable even after the termination of the contract.

8. Right of access to information


8.1 Aigle Azur may ask the Member to fill in any questionnaires with a view to better fulfilling his or her expectations. The Member shall be free to respond to these questionnaires or not. Any information provided by the Member for the purposes of the Loyalty programme shall be subject to Law no. 78-17 of 6th January 1978 on computers, files and freedoms.


8.2Any persons who join the Azur Plus programme thus authorise Aigle Azur to use any data in its possession for marketing and communication purposes. This information will be exploited exclusively by Aigle Azur and shall not be passed on to any other physical persons or legal entities.


9. Amendment / cancellation


9.1 Aigle Azur reserves the right to cancel, amend or replace the Programme, to amend these General Conditions, the scales and rules for the collection of Miles, the Reward scales or the procedures described in any documents describing the Azur Plus programme. Members may be made aware of these amendments by any means, at Aigle Azur's convenience and within a sufficient period of time.


9.2 If any Member does not accept the amendments made to the Programme, s/he may end his or her membership pursuant to article 7.


9.3 If the Azur Plus programme should be terminated, Aigle Azur shall make every effort to inform its Members thereof in advance, it being hereby specified that the balance of outstanding Miles acquired at the date on which the Programme ends may be used by no later than within three months following the end date if they allow the obtaining of Azur Plus Rewards. In the event of the cancellation of the programme, no further Miles may be collected.


9.4Aigle Azur may extend its Azur Plus programme by incorporating partners into it. Aigle Azur shall inform its Members of the incorporation of these partners and the conditions for these new partnerships.


9.5 All of the Rewards and benefits offered are provided subject to alteration or availability. Indeed, Aigle Azur is unable to guarantee or give any assurances that the aforementioned benefits will be available. Thus a Member may find that there is no availability on a given flight or that the particular Reward is not available.


9.6 Aigle Azur shall make every effort to ensure the actual availability of any Rewards or benefits under the Programme which are presented as being available. Furthermore, Aigle Azur or its partners may unilaterally limit the number of Rewards offered. In the same way, Aigle Azur and its partners reserve the right to engage in promotional offers. Promotional offers cannot be combined.


10. Liability


10.1 Notwithstanding these General Conditions, the Member is subject to the current General Conditions of Carriage. Aigle Azur is unable to accept any responsibility for any damage which may be caused when a Reward is used, excluding any damage which might occur on transportation for which the carrier’s liability is governed by the Montreal Convention and European regulations.


10.2 Aigle Azur shall not be liable for any damage, of any kind whatsoever, caused in the providing of services by any partners (hotels, car hire). Any claims must be sent directly to these latter.


10.3 The Member shall be responsible for any claim made by third parties, including the tax authorities, in relation to his or her participation in the Programme.


10.4 The Member must inform Azur Plus of the loss or theft of his or her card in writing. It will then be replaced within a period of four weeks maximum. Aigle Azur is unable to accept any liability for any fraudulent use of this card.


10.5 The legislations of certain countries may impose restrictions with regard to the conditions for the application of and/or participation in the Azur Plus programme. In order to comply with these legislations, Aigle Azur has the right to apply any new legal instructions immediately and without prior notice and to alter its programme accordingly.


10.6 All Members shall be personally responsible for informing any third parties or any legal entity paying for air tickets or the services credited, about the Miles and benefits obtained with the Azur Plus programme.



11. Applicable law


In the event of any divergence relating to the interpretation of the General Conditions of the Programme, and of any Aigle Azur documentation which comes from a translation into a foreign language, the French version shall be deemed to be authentic. French law alone shall be applicable for the performance of the contract and the courts of Paris shall have sole jurisdiction to settle any dispute relating to this Programme.


[1]Translator’s note: I think this is probably what is meant here.

 [YC1]We’ll leave it like that but we will not be able to claim the benefit of it if there is a legal dispute.