The term “cookie” includes all trackers used and/or read on and/or by your terminal, in other words by the hardware (computer, tablet, smartphone or other) that you use to browse the Internet, read an email or use an application or software.
Cookies enable a website to recognise you, and to improve your experience on the site: securing your session, adapting the contents to your interests or preferences, establishing audience measurements, visits and browsing behaviour, or identifying the third-party site that you came from (such as flight comparison sites), or identify you for the third party destination site (such as our partner sites).
This is a list of the type of cookies that we use and their purpose.
Cookies enabling optimum navigation
These cookies are essential for your experience on our site, because they enable the optimisation of your browsing experience and the operation of our site: graphic optimisation in accordance with your terminal preferences, access to specific functions related to your profile (specifically when you are connected to your Account) such as your searches and registered price alerts, your past or future flights, etc., or to maintain your session.
Statistical and audience measurement cookies
These are cookies that provide information on the use and performance of our site in order to establish statistics related to the audience and its attendance (number of visits, pages visited, most frequently reserved destinations, etc.). This statistical data allows us to improve your experience on the site by improving the ergonomics, services and functions we offer you.
Advertising cookies
These are cookies used to suggest personalised offers and services according to your interests.
These cookies enable anonymous identification of users by advertising organisations: only information such as browsing data is collected (pages visited, keywords used in search engines, clicks on advertising).
Third-party cookies
These are cookies issued and used by third parties. These provide information on the original site from which you were redirected to one of our websites. In particular, they enable us to retain the previously entered search criteria (such as the city of departure and destination or the dates of a future flight, for example).
Social network cookies
These are cookies from third parties enabling interaction with social networks (content sharing, “like” buttons, comment functions).
We would like to ask you to consult the personal data management policies of social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, for example) for more information on the use of these policies and to give them your preferences in this regard.
The lifespan of cookies used on is 13 months.
For third-party site cookies, we recommend you consult the cookie management policy on each of their sites.
You have several options available for the management of cookies or other trackers. You can configure your preferences regarding their use yourself. Any configuration you undertake may modify your browsing on the Internet and your conditions for access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.
You may change your preferences regarding cookies at any time and modify them using the various options set out below.
The purpose of the cookies used on our site is to suggest offers and services tailored to your interests, redirection or sharing to, or from, third-party sites, or the compilation of audience and visit statistics.
Since these cookies require your consent, you are asked, on your first visit to our site, whether you accept the use of this type of cookies: these cookies are activated only after your acceptance.
On the information banner displayed on your first visit to the site, we advise you that continuing your navigation on the site implies the acceptance of the use of cookies and other trackers on your navigation device. If you leave our site without browsing on it, no cookie or tracker will be used.
Cookie acceptance tool
You can control and define your preferences with regard to the use of cookies on our website (except for cookies which are strictly necessary) using our tool for the acceptance or refusal of cookies by clicking on the button below:
Paramètres des Cookies

Configuration of internet browsers
Most internet browsers accept the installation of all cookies and other trackers by default.
However, you may decide to block them or to select the cookies that you accept depending on their issuer.
You may also manage the configuration of acceptance or refusal of each cookie in your browser. In all circumstances, you may at any time change your choices and delete cookies and other trackers from your terminal.
You can modify the parameters of your browser in the “confidentiality” tab or as described in your browser’s help menu. Do not forget to configure these parameters on each of the terminals (computer, tablet, smartphone or other) that you use.
Links are provided below describing the methods of configuration of cookies and other trackers in the most frequently used browsers:

  • Internet Explorer™:
  • Chrome™:
  • Safari™:
  • Firefox™:
  • Opera™:

For your mobile terminals, you may consult the links below:

Refusal of trackers depending on their purpose
You also have the option to refuse trackers depending on their purpose.
For statistical and audience measurement cookies:
Google Analytics:
For advertising cookies:
The digital advertising businesses, grouped together within the European Association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed, in France, by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France, enable you to accept or refuse cookies used by member companies via a number of platforms.
In order to prohibit the installation of such cookies on your terminal, you may visit, for example, the site
These centralised systems enable you to block the installation of cookies allowing advertising to be tailored according to your interests, but not blocking the display of advertising.
For social media network cookies:
Management of trackers using extensions of your browser
Listed below are some examples of extensions to add to your browser enabling you to block and manage all types of cookies and other trackers:
For more information, you can consult the following website on the regulation of data protection: